For the perfect blend of milk, dark and white chocolates, this box is the one for you! 


Join our hassle free and great tasting Tasting Club Chocolate Subscription and you will never want chocolate from anywhere else again!

Most mass retail places that stock chocolates like your local corner store or supermarkets are packed full of sugar. At Presentimes our main ingredient is cocoa. We don't look to compromise on the quality and taste of our chocolate. That's why we work so hard to source suppliers who follow our chocolate ethic. 

As a tasting club member, you’ll get a hand crafted chocolate experience delivered straight to your door. You can choose to from every month, 3, 6 or even every year! You can pause, change or cancel at anytime. 

Each box is lovingly handcrafted by our team of expert chocolatiers. 

Your first box will be delivered straight to your letterbox in 5 days.