• Around 20 hours of fragrance with Ashleigh & Burwood 500ml lamp oil (Not included)
  • Attractively presented in a gift box

Product Description

This ‘classic’ shaped lamp has been hand crafted using dazzling silver mosaic pieces, to create a shattered mirror effect which is truly stunning. Like a shooting star dazzles in the night sky, this lamp will add spectacular sparkle to your home.

For the optimum balance of room fragrancing, it is recommended to burn your lamp for around 20-25 minutes per time with Ashleigh & Burwood lamp oil.

The fragrance lingers in the air for several hours afterwards. Burning the lamp continuously for long periods of time will use your fragrance much faster.

Brand Description

Ashleigh & Burwood have been sharing their passion for fragrance since 1993. Beginning production from the family kitchen table, father and son John and Andrew Nettleton formed this boutique English company, which utilises a collection of ingredients to form high-quality fragrances all crafted in the UK. Each one of their products is expertly designed, oozing innovation and creativity, to the highest quality.