Once you taste PRESENTIMES chocolate, you know that it’s delicious. But what you probably don’t know is how it got that way.


It All Starts With Beans


To us, chocolate making is a real art. It starts with the most precious ingredient – the cocoa bean, which grows on trees in large cocoa pods. That's why we source expertly produced chocolates from our Belgium and British suppliers.


Unlike brands that rely heavily on artificial flavors and preservatives, when you buy PRESENTIMES chocolates you’re buying chocolate made from only the highest quality ingredients.


Any time you enjoy a piece of PRESENTIMES Dark, Milk or White Chocolate, you are tasting a one-of-a-kind recipe.


All our chocolate has been taste tested by our team to make sure you get the absolute best quality and selection.

 We usually stock around 40 different chocolates in our display cabinets from revered chocolate producers from across the UK and Europe including traditional favourites such as truffles, rose & violet creams, marzipan and pralines from artisan chocolatiers such as Visser, Pralibel, Kimberley's, Van and to name a few.

That's what makes our chocolates taste sooooooo good!