We're often asked how best to store your chocolates, especially if they're for a gift.  As a busy, successful business with many years' experience in loose chocolates, we have a quick turnover of stock, keeping everything as fresh as possible. 

Most of our chocolates from Europe are supplied to us within days of being produced and delivered to us in temperature controlled trucks to get the chocolates to us in the best possible condition.  Similarly, our UK based supplies are all freshly made to order.

None of our chocolates are made with fresh cream so all of them will keep at room temperature for up to 3 months however fluctuations in temperature can affect chocolate.  Chocolate needs to be stored between 13-18°C, with 16°C being ideal.  You don’t have to keep them in a fridge as this will make them 'bloom.'  A cool, dry room or cupboard away from sunlight is preferable.

Changes in temperature going from warm to cold and back again can cause the chocolate couverture to “bloom”. This doesn’t affect the taste but it causes either the fat or sugar content to rise to the surface and the chocolates don’t look as shiny and fresh.