Please remember:


  • Please do not release helium balloons into the environment as they can harm wildlife and farm animals. They can also litter the countryside and coast. Enjoy your balloon and, when it is deflated, dispose of it responsibly. 
  • Balloons are intended for display purposes, increased handling may cause damage to the balloon.
  • Balloons are intended for indoor use. If choosing to display outdoors please take weather conditions into consideration.
  • Never use a metallic ribbon with a foil balloon.
  • Some balloons may conduct electricity - Do not release near overhead power lines.
  • Excessive heat could cause the balloon to burst.
Can I purchase a Helium Cylinder online?
Yes, you can. We have disposable helium gas cylinders available to purchase online. You can also purchase them in store, please contact 01795 533 050 for further details. 
However, it's important to note that our helium cylinders do not contain the Hi-Float that we use to inflate latex balloons in-store. This means that the life of your latex balloons will be around 5 to 6 hours. We recommend inflating them right before your event for the best results. 
We have a number of other options for inflating balloons: we can deliver many of our foil, helium balloons inflated, here’s where you’ll find all balloons that can be delivered inflated


Can I order balloons inflated?

Yes, all our balloons are inflated unless stated. However, due to the lifespan of inflated balloons we can only deliver foil balloons inflated. You cannot buy balloons with latex to be shipped at this time. Balloons with latex are only available for click & collect and local delivery.


How long do Presentimes foil balloons stay inflated?

Due to the type of helium we use, our balloons generally last for a long period of time. Please see the table below, these time frames are from the time of inflation, please take this into consideration when choosing your preferred delivery option.


                                                                                                         Type of Balloon       Inflation Period           
Giant Foil Balloons  7 - 10 days
 18" Foil Balloons 7 - 10 days
 Super Shapes 7 - 10 days
 Cubez and Orbz 7 - 10 days
 Latex Balloon (with hi-float)  18 - 36 hours
 Latex Balloon (with standard helium)  5 - 6 hours


Can I purchase balloons elsewhere and get them inflated in one of your stores?

We do offer this service. However we cannot blow up large quantities of balloons. Please contact us on 01795 533 050 to discuss.


Generally we do find that balloons purchased elsewhere are poorer quality and customers may end up buying balloons from us anyway.


You can however purchase disposable helium gas cylinders to inflate balloons purchased elsewhere with us.


Do you sell inflated latex balloons online?

We are in the process of updating our website. If you wish to purchase uninflated latex please call our store to discuss on 01795 533 050.


Do foil balloons come with balloon weights?

Inflated foil balloons are dispatched with a ribbon and premium weight attached.


Can I choose a day for my balloons to be delivered?

We are in the process of updating our website to include functionality. Please do call us if you need your balloons by a certain day on 01795 533 050.


How long will it take my balloon to arrive?

We offer a range of delivery options for our balloons, please see the table below. 


Delivery Services
 Time Period for Delivery
2nd Class Royal Mail Aims to be delivered within 2-3 working days
1st Class Royal Mail Aims to be delivered within 1-2 working days
Guaranteed next working day 
(available Monday - Friday)
Guaranteed next day delivery
Guaranteed Saturday Delivery Guaranteed Saturday delivery
Guaranteed Sunday Delivery Guaranteed Sunday delivery


Where can inflated balloons be sent to?


I ordered an inflated balloon which has deflated in transit, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear that there has been an issue with your balloon, please contact our Customer Service team on 01795 533 050 who will help to resolve the issue.


Can I order balloons online and have them delivered to a store?

Yes you can, just choose click and collect.


I want to buy a lot of balloons; can I collect them in store? 


Yes you can. Please go through our balloons and order what you would like. If you are ordering alot of balloons, please not it may take longer for us to put together so please order ahead of time. Ideally, 4 hours or more.


Do you sell character balloons (Minions, Frozen, Paw Patrol etc.)?

We do offer a huge range of character balloons. We are in the process of updating our website so please bare with us. Please contact us on 01795 533 050 to discuss what your needs are.


Do you sell balloon displays (arches etc.)?

Yes we do! Please contact us on 01795 533 050 to discuss what your needs are.


Do you sell balloon bundles?

We currently sell a range of balloon bouquets, shop all our balloon bouquets under Balloons & Party. We also offer, at seasonal periods, a selection of balloon bundles for special occasions.


Do you sell letter balloons?

We do sell helium & air-inflated letter balloons that can be used to create balloon banners. These are pre-order only. Please contact us on 01795 533 050.


Can I order balloons to be delivered outside of the UK?

Yes you can! We can only send deflated balloons to outside of the UK. Please contact us on 01795 533 050 to arrange.


How can I preserve the lifespan of my balloons?

In order to keep your balloons inflated for the longest time, we suggest that the following guidelines are followed:


  • Please remove balloons from bags as soon as arriving home or at the venue to ensure that the balloons are allowed to float freely.
  • Keep balloons at a constant room temperature.
  • Never leave balloons in a car, garage or cold room. Cold air causes the balloon to deflate.

How are the balloons delivered?

In a large white box, fully sealed with no clue as to the contents, the gift will be a complete surprise.

Who delivers your balloons?

All balloons are delivered by Royal Mail.

At what time will my balloons be delivered?

This depends on the delivery type you choose. You can choose guaranteed before 9am, guaranteed before 1pm, or 1st class post which is dependent on the post round delivery time.

Can I get an afternoon delivery?

Sorry, this is not available.

What happens if nobody is home?

A card will be left giving instructions on where to collect the box or how to arrange re-delivery with Royal Mail. If you wish this to be left with a neighbour please advise in advance (via email) and a note can be placed on the box with this request. (There is no guarantee that this can always be done)

Can the box be left in a porch or doorway?

No, sorry. The box requires a signature on delivery and cannot be left without one.

I need a signature to prove this was delivered, can I get one?

Yes, but this takes about 3-5 days to arrive.

I need to change the address/message/other details. Can I do this after the order has been confirmed?

Yes, we are more than happy to change anything. However we can only do this as long as the box has not been despatched.

My box is being delivered today. I need to change the address. Is this possible?

No, an address cannot be altered after the box has been despatched.

Can you guarantee a Saturday delivery with Special Delivery option?

Yes! We now offer Saturday as a guaranteed delivery day.

If I want to send a gift anonymously, is this possible?

Yes, no information other than your message for the card is ever passed to recipients, even if we are called by phone.

Can you guarantee exact day deliveries for British Forces PO numbers?

BFPO deliveries cannot be guaranteed to arrive on the exact day selected and can not be sent if the final destination is outside the UK.

If you cannot find the answer to your question:
Telephone: 01795 533 050 from the UK
(+44) 1795 533 050 from outside UK
Presentimes, 14 Market Place, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7AE